Otavio Esteves

one page website

light, fast and exactly what many brands need.

This is a single-page website. All the content you want to pass/inform to your customers must be compiled in just one page.

By scrolling the site, the content is arranged in order to deliver all the information that customers must observe when experiencing your company’s website.

They are lower cost websites but still very useful for different market segments.

They are fast, light and own all the Google possibilities and other marketing tools. I would say that a one-page website can be the key to your business.

What will I do for you:

Manageable Content

You will be able to edit texts, update images and videos in a visual way, without needing technical knowledge.

Responsive Layout

Your website ready to work properly on any device. Mobile, computers and tablets.

Custom Layout

I create websites from scratch with exclusive design. The development starts only after the layout aprovement.

WordPress Platform

I adopt the best technologies in the market, such as CMS WordPress and Elementor.

Marketing Tools

All tools for Digital Marketing, such as Google Analytics, SEO, Translate, WhatsApp.

Platform Training

Upon completion of your website, you will receive instructions on how to manage the inclusion of content on your website.

layout for free

Tell me a litlle bit about your business and I’ll offer the best you can find.

I need to know about your needs and then I will create a homepage layout completely for free.

Just to understand the potential of the tool I can provide, let me show you what I can do for your brand.